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14 March 2017 @ 12:04 pm
First part of the interest meme. I'm actually working on it guys! I'm having fun with these, trying to figure out what to do and I'm finding that I'm very picky on what images/screencaps I use. Like, really picky. I'm planning on doing more than 2 people per post but since it's taken me so long I decided to just post these since I were done.

I'm currently working on Captain America: Civil War icons, so that'll posted in between interest meme icons from time to time. Also, I just bought Doctor Strange on blu-ray and will be watching it soon. Doctor Strange is the first MCU movie that I haven't watched at all, though I really did want to watch it. The timing when it came out was around the holiday season and when work was busy so I didn't find time to watch it… at least I have it on blu-ray now and can watch it whenever.

all icons are shareable.

stydia [ 1 - 15 ] - foxes, Holland Roden, forests
aravishermione [ 16 - 30 ] - Lord of the Rings, Hermione (HP), Buffy

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09 March 2017 @ 12:09 pm
Hi, hi! The voting is finally over at bestof_icons and thank you to all those to nominated and voted for my icons! Definitely check out the results from all the other makers and check out the prettiness!

best icon of 2016;

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I'm currently working on the interest meme icons. I'll of course be posting them in parts so it's not all at once.
28 February 2017 @ 10:55 am
I'm beginning to think that posting here that I was sick was the key to me getting better. While I woke up feeling a bit worse than before once I started getting ready for the day I started to feel a slightly bit better… so, who knows.

Now on to the icons. I think this is the least amount of icons I've made for any MCU movie. Oops? Honestly it was really hard for me to find inspiration with the movie even though this is one of my favorite MCU movies. Plus it was a bit harder to pick out scenes where there was more action that aren't wide shots.

Next up on MCU movies is Captain America: Civil War which I'll be working on at the same time as the interest meme icons.


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