lisa (gettingdrastic) wrote in 2thousand3,

I'm horrible.

Ok, I think it's safe to say that I'm horrible with keeping up with this icon making thing.

I'm sorry.

I really want to continue to make icons and graphics and post here and I will try my best to keep that up in the new year. It's so weird to think 2018 is almost ending and 2019 is almost upon us. Though I am very happy for 2018 to end since it wasn't the best year for me at all. I want it to end and to start fresh in the new year. A lot of things have happened to me IRL and I just want to start clean in a sense… hopefully I am able to do that and get things set down the right path.

I'm going to start working on icons right now and keep working on them randomly when I have a chance. I'm currently unemployed, definitely trying to change that but it's a bit difficult I'm finding which is just making me depressed… but anyways. I'm going to try and work on icons randomly, of things that I find interesting (most likely Marvel movies) and when I have enough I shall post them. Hopefully I'll have enough for one post before the end of the year. :)
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